One inch -1" Extra Point / Field Goal Kicking Block / Tee for Extra Point and Field Goal Kicks

How to Choose the Kicking Tees That are Right For You

Up through high school, place kickers are allowed to use a 1" (one) or 2" (two) inch elevated kicking block. At the college and professional levels, place kickers must kick off the ground. The 1" (one) inch kicking block is commonly used by more advanced kickers in high school. By lowering the placement (height) of the football, kickers (especially soccer-style kickers) are generally able to make optimum impact with the ball.

The "Highest Quality" Football Kicking Tees and Kicking Tee Blocks For Field Goal Kicking Football Placement Kicks Ever Made! The football kicking tee block is ideal for the high school level kicker when kicking extra points and field goals. Up through high school, kickers are allowed to use a one or two inch elevated placement kicking tees. Once the high school kicker moves on to the college level, he's no longer allowed to use any sort of placement kicking tees for extra point and field goal kicks.For Field Goals and Extra Points.

The DB77-1" Placement Tee (kicking block) is ideal for high school kickers who "naturally" make optimum contact with the sweet spot of the football when it is positioned lower to the ground.

"Kicking Blocks with added support from the ground on up to the football."

The DB77-1" and DB77-2" placement tees are solid rubber and manufactured in the color black. NO OTHER placement tee in the market place is made of this quality.

The added weight along with the rigid design on the bottom and the grid design on top insures a solid, firm placement every time.

No matter the field surface or weather condition, the DB77-1" and DB77-2" placement tees are the "kicking blocks" you can depend on!

Price: $8.95