Tennessee Football / Kicking Camps / Punting / International Round Two / Nashville Area - June 19, 2022

Event ID 749675
RankNameAvg. DistanceBest DistanceAvg. HangtimeBest Hangtime
1Nicholas Salmon 5⭐️P3950.003.9864.59
2Jacob Horvath 5⭐️P42.87651.003.7494.09
3Connor Waixel 4.5⭐️P38.2547.003.5824.20
4Declan Sweeny37.7548.003.5323.95
5Jack Eeles39.545.003.3223.70
6Joshua Irving 4⭐️P31.62644.003.5964.18
7Rahul Stegelman31.12638.003.5493.78
8Thomas O'Hara33.87650.003.3534.28
9Jasper Roe3439.003.3073.91
10Noah Campbell32.87647.003.1913.69

Note: rankings are calculated from a proprietary weighted average that combines distance, hang time, and accuracy. Prokicker.com reserves all rights to make adjustments to ensure accuracy.