Skill Charting / Ranking Camps

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Skill Charting / Ranking Opportunities

One-Day Camps:
  • Kicking Instruction (8:30-11:30 AM)
  • Punting Instruction (12:00-3:00 PM)
  • Long Snapping Instruction (12:00-3:00 PM) - *Designated camp locations
Private Kicking, Punting And Long Snapping Instruction / Lessons
Skill Charting / Ranking Camps are ideal for the advanced athlete who is pursuing an athletic scholarship and wants to focus on "raising the bar" on his state, regional and national ranking. This is a great opportunity to elevate skill level and at the same time improve individual ranking for college football coaches and recruiters to see!
NOTE: For those choosing (One-time charting and Video Analysis) athletes will be charted & individually filmed / analyzed using our innovative video-analysis system for immediate visual learning.
Athletes can improve their ranking by attending any event or private instruction throughout the year. They have the opportunity to be charted at each location. Please click through to see our national schedule and sign up now!
Immediate Rankings On The Internet 
Within 24-48 hours of charting updated ranking information on top prospects is made available 24/7on Ray Guy - one of the most visible kicking, punting, and long snapping instructional website on the internet. ranks high with Google, Yahoo, and Bing and other popular search results and provides top prospects a tremendous opportunity for national exposure. Results will also be sent periodically via email and social media - as well as direct phone contact with Head Coaches, Special Team Coaches and Recruiting Coordinators who are in immediate need of a kicking, punting or long snapping prospect.
Once An Athlete Attends - Scores Can Only Go Up
Athletes have numerous opportunities year-round to chart during camp events and (or) private lessons to establish and improve their ranking for college recruitment and scholarship opportunities. They do not have to depend entirely on performing at just one event or competition. Once an athlete attends for the first time and records an initial "baseline" measurement, his score can only go up—not down. This provides athletes the opportunity to continually improve their individual "ranking."
Before You Can Be Recruited – You Must Be Found
College coaches desperately need the ability to find athletes in their own recruiting area as well as on the national level. Athletes all across the US have the opportunity to be individually "ranked" to determine their skill level. Most importantly, this ranking process provides each individual a competitive platform that will enable them to continue their skill development and at the same time gain state, regional, and national recognition. This will increase recruiting opportunities as well as gain the "leverage" each athlete deserves in making their decisions.
Recruitment And Scholarships
During the early stages of every camp (event) athletes are charted to determine skill level and track individual progress. Our innovative ranking system provides each athlete a measure for skill development along with a tremendous opportunity to set goals and "raise the bar" on their performance. This information is crucial to college coaches and recruiters. It provides them immediate internet access 24/7 to the most current listing of the top ranked players at their position as well as the most accurate information available on their performance capabilities.
Charting / Skill Ranking Camp: One-Time Charting ($175) 
Ray Guy Charting / Ranking Camp is the ideal platform for high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors to get on the "radar" of the college coach - and get a "jump" on the recruiting process. Graduating seniors can also make that last push to get their names in front of the recruiters - or solidify their place in the recruiting process. Even athletes who are not on the recruiting radar - but deserve attention - can come out of nowhere and bring their name and talents to the forefront.
Performance Opportunities
- Minimum 10 field goals per charting session
- Minimum 4 kickoffs per charting session

- Minimum 8 punts per charting session

- Minimum 10 deep snaps (15 yards) per charting session

Note: Charting will be done the same way it is conducted during camp events. Athletes will use the same footballs throughout the entire sequence of charting.