Registration Information

Registration Information:
All locations are commuter-only. Participants are responsible for their own overnight accommodations, transportation and meals (Gatorade products will be provided). A detailed information packet will be emailed approximately two weeks prior to the camp. Registration, practice and check out times are planned to maximize instruction during the day, since there are no evening sessions.
One-Day Camp:
Kicking Instruction Only - 8:30AM - 11:30AM [$275]
Punting Instruction Only - 12:00 (noon) - 3PM [$275]
Attend both Kicking and Punting sessions [$375]
NOTE: Long Snapping Instruction at designated locations - 12:00 (noon) - 3PM [$275]
Skill Charting ONLY:
Kicking Only - 8:30AM - 11:30AM during ONE-DAY Camp  [$175]
Punting Only - 12 noon - 1:30PM during ONE-DAY Camp  [$175]
Chart both Kicking and Punting - [$275]
Snapping Only - 12 noon - 1:30PM during ONE-DAY Camp [$175]
RAY GUY Top Prospect Camp (Invitation only):
1st Day Kicking Competition Only - [$375]
2nd Day Punting Competition Only - [$375]
Attend both Kicking and Punting Competitions [$475.00]

Skill Technique Video Analysis Option available during online registration. This is an additional in-depth video "voice over" analysis option for personal coaching and review. A private video link will be emailed after camp. 


Packing Checklist (bring your own football)

Athletes should bring the following items to camp:

  • Football Equipment: football (clearly labeled), tennis or running shoes (for walks between sessions and for indoor needs) , kicking shoes (kickers and punters should always be prepared for both artificial and natural playing surfaces), athletic supporters, shorts and socks. Leather footballs are recommended. Please bring the exact type of football that you will use during games. (You can check with your coach or equipment manager to determine the exact type of football).
  • Note:  Leather footballs are required for participation in the Ray Guy Top Prospect Camp.  For the best interests of the athlete, only leather footballs will be used during the Top Prospect event.  This will ensure competitive fairness as well as optimum performance.  The Top Prospect Camp is for athletes who are pursuing NCAA collegiate football opportunities and therefore every athlete will be using a leather football.  College coaches and recruiters are adamant when recruiting kickers, punters, and long snappers that they use leather footballs.
  • Kicking tees, blocks, and holders will be available for use and purchase.
  • Personal Items: Please bring the Quick Check-in Form that was emailed to each camper in their information packet. Print out and complete if you do not have one. Sunscreen is recommended. Be prepared for adverse weather conditions; sessions will be conducted regardless of weather.



Enrollment is limited. All locations are commuter-only.
To secure your place in our instructional program, register on-line at or call 606.922.8482. 


Refund Policy

Camp / Instruction Refund Policy:

Refunds will only be considered if there is a documented medical reason. reserves all rights for any staff, schedule and site changes including applicant acceptance, enrollment limits, program requirements and instructional needs.


  • Participant's cancellation notice must be received ten (10) days prior to scheduled event.
  • Any approved medical cancellation with refund granted will be charged a minimum of $75.00.
  • Approved medical refund may take a minimum of 30 days to be processed.
  • Transfers may be considered to our camp events nationwide.
  • Transfers WILL NOT be considered beyond one (1) year of the initial registered session.
  • No medical refunds after transferring from the initial camp.
  • Paid fees may be applied toward future enrollment or may be transferred to another athlete.

This instructional program is part of a national scheduled tour with major commitments involving facilities, staffing and equipment. There will be NO CANCELLATIONS REGARDLESS OF WEATHER OR TRAVEL CONDITIONS.


  • reserves all rights for any changes made at any time to ensure a safe, conducive learning environment for everyone involved.
  • The focus of this program is on the participants. Anyone who is allowed to watch the activities must remain in designated areas determined by staff.
  • There is to be no interaction with participants during the scheduled time of the event.
  • Any distractions / interference with the participants deemed by the staff - at any time during the scheduled time of the event will not be tolerated and appropriate measures will be taken.
  • No pets are allowed at any event for obvious sanitary and safety reasons.
  • In regards to charting of scores, reserves all rights for any changes / adjustments of scores made at any time to ensure accuracy of statistices especially those recorded for rankings.



The Ray Guy / Kicking Academy and Kicking Camps are open to all ages and ability levels; this comprehensive instructional program is for beginners as well as college athletes aspiring to play professional football. The Kicking Academy / Camp conforms to all pre-high school, High School, High School National Federation and NCAA rules. We suggest that you check with your coach or athletic director if there are any questions about eligibility.


Facilities And Supervision

Each Kicking Academy / Camp and Event location has been carefully selected to provide easy access and the finest in athletic facilities. Athletes will be constantly supervised by staff. Detailed directions and campus maps will be emailed upon acceptance. Housing, meals, transportation, etc. are the responsibility of each participant.  Links to Google maps with local hotels is available online.