Star Ratings

5-Star Player: projected as one of the top college prospects (Top 25) in the country. This player has superior athletic skills and will rank high or compete for top honors at any camp or showcase they attend. They have demonstrated the capability to immediately compete for a starting position in college as well as make an early impact in their team’s success. This elite level high school player should be on the “radar” of college coaches as a full scholarship candidate or a preferred walk-on candidate (at the very least).
4-Star Playera high school junior (or younger) projected as a college prospect “on the rise.” This player has demonstrated the capability to play college football and has the physical tools to develop into a 5-star athlete before or during their senior year in high school. If this player continues to mature and increase their ranking, it is projected they can eventually compete for a college scholarship.
3-Star Playergenerally, a high school sophomore (or younger) who displays the potential to become a college prospect at an early age (or stage) in their career. This player has ranked extremely well in their grade level allowing their skills to stand-out above the rest.
Note: ½ stars are assigned to 3-star and 4-star athletes when they are about to earn the next highest level rating. 

Football Kicking Camps - Star Ratings