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Prokicker.com Long Snapping Instruction is the right choice

  • Develop self reliance through drills and teaching methods that enable self-coaching.
  • Learn flexibility drills for specific development of snapping skills.
  • Expert long-snapping instruction and training from professional coaches for field goal, extra point and punt snaps.
  • Develop a step-by-step practice "blueprint" of fundamentals and drills that translates to peak performance.
  • Learn drills simulating game situations that will instantly produce consistency and confidence.
  • Experience video slow-motion analysis for immediate application using innovative computer software.
  • Learn flexibility drills that must be done for specific development of snapping skills.
  • Learn the secrets to developing strength, then transfer it to power, and apply it to the snapping motion.
  • Learn in-season training strategies to enhance strength, maintain power, and develop endurance.
  • Achieve optimal snap times and game-ready tempo through "snap-to-kick" training.
  • Learn proven approach, setup, alignment, and follow-through strategies that will develop snapping accuracy.
  • Learn how to survive and thrive in adverse weather conditions.
  • Develop mental skills and strategies that will prepare each long snapper for clutch performances.
  • Learn the keys to developing highly successful practice and pre-game warm-up routines.
  • Practice and compete with other talented athletes who share common goals.
  • Learn from football's best coaches who have coached players at the highest levels of the game.

What our college and NFL Alumni / Staff are Saying:

"Today there are so many opportunities for youngsters to improve skills in all sports. It's fantastic that they have these opportunities. (At Prokicker.com), the kids get outstanding coaching, showing them the proper technique and fundamentals. I've been very impressed with the staff that Prokicker.com has put together. If you come to this camp, your kid is going to get coached if he's a punter, kicker or long-snapper. That may be what separates them from a lot of other camps. It's not just showing off your snapping or kicking skills, it's grassroots coaching from the best. You'll come away from here a better football player."
   —Jim Otto
Former Oakland Raider center and
long-snapper, Pro Football Hall of Fame member
"If you can long snap, you definitely will be considered an asset to any team regardless of your primary position. So, whether your goal is to earn a scholarship, or to help your team any way you can, the instruction received at Prokicker.com is unparalleled. Work with experienced professionals who are also experienced instructors."
   —Cliff Anders
Former Virginia Tech long-snapper and
former Apache Helicopter Pilot in the US Army
"Ray Guy and Rick Sang provide crucial information for the special teams player, no matter what skill level. They have developed numerous specialists at every level of the game including high school, college and the NFL. Not only do they teach the technical skills, they teach the much needed mental skills that will give every athlete a competitive advantage." 
Former Special Teams Coach, Pittsburgh Steelers / Super Bowl XLIII Champions
Some of our former NFL Alumni / Staff
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles                                                                                                                                              

 New York Jets
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Kansas City Chiefs
San Diego Chargers
Comprehensive Long Snapping instruction and training
From beginning to end, our innovative training program is designed to teach each athlete the fundamentals and techniques that allow him to learn to coach himself. Our professional coaching staff guides participants through a skill-learning process where every experience has a purpose. This allows each athlete to identify personal needs and develop individual skills, and at the same time create a blueprint for practice and improvement.
Expert analysis
The second day of the camp includes an in-depth review of the individual skills and fundamentals taught on the first day. Training begins by developing these same techniques in a systematic order that matches the sequence in which the skills are executed in games. This not only promotes faster skill improvement, it also enables a much deeper retention of learning. More importantly, every athlete will gain a valuable learning experience through drills simulating the pace and pressure of an actual game.
Long Snapper training that has a lasting effect!
Athletes learn to start taking charge of their own development from the moment training with our professional staff begins. One of the primary benefits of Prokicker.com's teaching methods is that athletes learn and develop the skills and techniques necessary for continued success — and the record books prove it works with well over 700 alumni currently on college teams and 20 alumni/staff currently on NFL rosters. Self-reliant athletes who are serious about long snapping have the ability to teach themselves around the clock and stay ahead of the competition!

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