Toe-Tal-Tee Football Kickoff and Placement Kicking Tees

A 4-in-1 Kicking Tee System for conventional and soccer style kicking.

How to Choose the Kicking Tees That are Right For You

A 4-in-1 Kicking Tee System for conventional and soccer style kicking.

The Toe-Tal-Tee is 4 tees-in-one manufactured in the color black.
    Mode 1: Ball can be supported at about ground level.
    Mode 2: When practicing with a holder, flip the tee so the Flat side is up and it?s a 1" Kicking Block for placement kicks (Raised projections to make for a sure hold).
    Mode 3: In the orientation of Mode 1, insert the tee into the plastic base to create a 1" kick off tee.
    Mode 4: In the orientation of mode 2, insert the tee into the base and it?s a 1-3/4" Kicking block for placement kicks.

The Ground Zero Kick Off Tees and the Toe-Tal-Tee are the most innovative kicking tees in the football marketplace.

The ideas were conceived and patented by Attorney H. Jay Spiegel who formerly kicked for Cornell University. The Ground Zero 1 tee consists of a one-inch kickoff tee manufactured in the color black and which was used in the 1999-2000 NFL season by 28 of 31 teams, and since then by every NFL team.

This tee has been featured in the last eight Super Bowls and Pro Bowls, in movies including ?On Any Given Sunday? starring Al Pacino, and in advertising including an introductory piece preliminary to Super Bowl XXXIV featuring Tiger Woods and Kirk and Michael Douglas. The Ground Zero 2 tee is the two-inch version of the Ground Zero 1 tee.

The Toe-Tal-Tee is a four-in-one tee including two kickoff tees and two field goal blocks that are legal in high school play.

The Ground Zero Onside Tee is being introduced in 2004.

This new tee, covered by two U.S. Patents, provides, for the first time, a notch allowing kickers to support the football with its tip on the ground for onside and squib kicks.

Price: $9.95