Kickers Rankings
2025 Rising Freshman Class

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RankNameAvg. Kickoff DistanceBest Kickoff DistanceAvg. Kickoff HangtimeBest Kickoff HangtimeField Goal Accuracy
1Mason Adamic4953.003.023.2150%
2Noah Piper4855.003.08753.3840%
3Cole Andrews34.7545.003.08753.4080%
4Tyler Wallace49.552.002.923.2720%
5Collier Mills44.2550.002.91252.950%
6Noah Harris39.7548.002.5952.6820%
7Logan Ford31.7537.002.58752.7620%
8Gavin Sheriff33.7535.002.55252.620%
9Brayden Barnette32.535.002.332.4610%
10Blane Collins31.2534.002.352.630%
11Curry Gilkison31.535.002.2452.320%
12Joshua Powell26.529.001.95252.2130%

Note: rankings are calculated from a proprietary weighted average that combines distance, hang time, and accuracy. reserves all rights to make adjustments to ensure accuracy.