punters Rankings
2023 Rising Freshman Class

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RankNameAvg. DistanceBest DistanceAvg. HangtimeBest Hangtime
1Jonathan Duncan 4.5⭐️K29.85835.003.6783.94
2Patrick Moren 4⭐️K32.85836.003.344.20
3Sean Smithdeal23.42937.003.3693.61
4Michael Vaccaro19.57124.003.2633.58
5Ben Novotny2326.002.8933.22
6Patrick Hellen22.42930.002.8923.53
7Sawyer Ford2527.002.7183.16
8Caleb Reeder20.28723.002.7983.45
9Michael Kirschner2334.002.6113.33
10Sam Cosner20.57125.002.6783.19
11Adam Winkenhofer12.85815.002.6783.02
12Thomas Holstein13.87620.002.2432.91

Note: rankings are calculated from a proprietary weighted average that combines distance, hang time, and accuracy. Prokicker.com reserves all rights to make adjustments to ensure accuracy.