The Ben Agajanian Kicking Game Video- DVD

A high quality tape of complete coaching techniques for success in....

Let Ben Agajanian show you how to KICK to win!

A high quality VHS tape of complete coaching techniques for success in kicking where it count... in extra yards and extra points!

In the world of football, there are coaches of note, and there are kickers of talent. But when it comes to coaching the art of kicking there is only one "master"... Ben Agajanian. One of the finest kickers of all times, Ben was the NFL's first kicking specialist and in his 20 year career he established many kick records. As the only full-time professional kicking coach, he is unmatched in teaching and developing kicking talent.

In every phase of kicking (field goals, punting, kickoffs, point-after) Ben's knowledge and down-to-earth approach to the art of kicking is legendary. In pro football, a kicker trained by Ben Agajanian is always a vital asset to any NFL team.

Now, his knowledge and teaching skill is available to you in the new, comprehensive tape, The Ben Agajanian Kicking Game. It's a detailed and inexpensive method of helping talented youngsters refine their kicking game. In this tape, Ben stresses fundamentals and analyzes each movement involved in the many different phases of kicking: Kicking off for distance... punting for distance and hang time... and field goal kicking for accuracy. Plus, Ben also introduces common problems and solutions as well as the strategies of on-side kicks.

The Ben Agajanian Kicking Game is the next best thing to having Ben right there on the field personally coaching a kicker. Order your tape today and let Ben Agajanian help fine-tune your kicking game.

Our videos and DVD’s are extremely rare instructional programs that include exclusive footage of professional athletes and coaches demonstrating and teaching desired sports skills. Each production is designed to provide the viewer a unique opportunity to view specific movements of kicking, punting and snapping through an analysis perspective. This will allow precise techniques to be viewed over and over again through stop-action analysis as well as through simply viewing each program in its entirety. Since these videos and DVD’s are created for the niche market of kicking, punting and long snapping they are produced in low volumes. This in turn adds a much higher demand and value of each program purchased. More importantly, every production is designed for each viewer to “learn to coach oneself.” This will enable a tremendous learning opportunity for every viewer to develop self-reliance through self-teaching strategies.

Price: $10.00