Doug Pelfrey Place Kicking 101 Video

Accuracy... what every kicker wants and what Doug Pelfrey shows....

Accuracy... what every kicker wants and what Doug Pelfrey shows you how to achieve. In this program, Doug shares with you insider tips on: Stretching, Target Zone, Alignment, Your Stance, Holding, The Sweet Spot, The Plant Foot, Ball/Foot Contact, Follow Through, and The Approach.

Doug has set records thoughout his career. He's the 2nd all-time leading scorer at the University of Kentucky and the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals. During his pro career, he has set records for most field goals in a game and in a season, the most points in a season and was the team's leading scorer each year he played. At one point, Doug was the most accurate kicker in NFL history as well as man of the year 5 times.

Running Time: 17 min

Our videos and DVD’s are extremely rare instructional programs that include exclusive footage of professional athletes and coaches demonstrating and teaching desired sports skills. Each production is designed to provide the viewer a unique opportunity to view specific movements of kicking, punting and snapping through an analysis perspective. This will allow precise techniques to be viewed over and over again through stop-action analysis as well as through simply viewing each program in its entirety. Since these videos and DVD’s are created for the niche market of kicking, punting and long snapping they are produced in low volumes. This in turn adds a much higher demand and value of each program purchased. More importantly, every production is designed for each viewer to “learn to coach oneself.” This will enable a tremendous learning opportunity for every viewer to develop self-reliance through self-teaching strategies.

Price: $14.95