Sports Talent by Jim Brown

Learn how to identify and develop outstanding athletes.

 If you have ever wondered if your athletically inclined child has what it takes to compete at the high school, college, or professional level, look no further than Sports Talent.

In Sports Talent many coaches and scouts reveal the physical, mental, and emotional attributes they look for in young athletes. With a wealth of input from top experts and coaches, this book addresses key issues, sport-specific evaluations, and training development methods in 13 different sports for boys and girls.

Sports Talent provides checklists and tests to more easily and objectively evaluate whether a young athlete possesses average or exceptional athletic talent. The systematic approach to measurement provides data on the potential of young talent that can then be compared to national averages. This ground breaking, easy-to-follow guide will provide much needed insight on how to develop talented athletes to their fullest potential, while providing ways to support them in a positive and productive manner.

Table of Contents

Part I Identifying Talent
Chapter 1.Profiling the Talented Athlete
Chapter 2.Identifying Physical Attributes
Chapter 3.Recognizing Mental and Emotional Skills
Chapter 4.Spotting the Intangibles

Part II Assessing and Developing Talent
Chapter 5.Parenting and Coaching Talented Athletes
Chapter 6.Speeding Up the Process
Chapter 7.Overcoming Obstacles
Chapter 8.Testing for Talent
Chapter 9.Recruiting, Scouting, and Trying Out

Part III Evaluating Talent by Sport
Chapter 10.Baseball
Chapter 11.Basketball
Chapter 12.Football
Chapter 13.Golf
Chapter 14.Gymnastics
Chapter 15.Hockey
Chapter 16.Soccer
Chapter 17.Softball
Chapter 18.Swimming
Chapter 19.Tennis
Chapter 20.Track, Field, and Cross Country
Chapter 21.Volleyball
Chapter 22.Wrestling

Summary: The Future of Sports Talent

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