Kentucky Football Kicking Camps - Punting - Danville KY - May 5, 2024

Event ID 771171
RankNameAvg. DistanceBest DistanceAvg. HangtimeBest Hangtime
1Isaac Collins 5⭐️P/4.5⭐️K44.37656.004.044.38
2Gage Miller 4.5⭐️K/4⭐️P33.62642.003.7924.28
3Cole Andrews 4.5⭐️K/4⭐️P37.12645.003.5814.03
4Jesse Osborne 4⭐️P34.7545.003.3613.95
5Benjamin Brenda 4⭐️K/3.5⭐️P21.37627.003.5113.89
6Wyatt Jackson 3.5⭐️P29.535.003.0463.33
7Ty Goddard 3.5⭐️K/3⭐️P28.7533.002.9283.39
8Ryan Fabek 3⭐️K/3⭐️P23.62626.002.6263.02

Note: rankings are calculated from a proprietary weighted average that combines distance, hang time, and accuracy. reserves all rights to make adjustments to ensure accuracy.