Two-day Camps:

1st Day Kicking Instruction Only - 8:30am - 3pm [$350]

2nd Day Punting Instruction Only - 8:30am - 2pm [$350]

Attend both days [$475]

Note: Long Snapping Instruction available on 2nd day at selected locations [$350]

Kicking, Punting and Long Snapping Camps

Whether seeking guidance for the first time, trying to win a starting position on a team or pursuing a college scholarship, our instructional camps are crucial step in becoming self-reliant while in pursuit of athletic goals. At every training site all across the country each athlete receives one-on-one attention allowing him to develop his very own personal talents. Every athlete is individually charted to determine "baseline" skill level and to track personal progress. This information not only provides a measurement of development, it also provides each athlete a tremendous opportunity to "raise the bar" on skill performance, set goals and continually improve his "ranked" position.

Focused Instruction For High School, Middle School and College Athletes 

For beginners (age 12 and over), every step of the way, our innovative training program is designed to teach athletes the fundamentals and techniques that allow them to learn to coach themselves. Our professional coaching staff guides participants through a skill-learning process where every experience has a purpose. This allows each athlete to identify personal needs, develop individual skills, and at the same time create a blueprint for practice and improvement. Our camps are the most comprehensive kicking, punting, and long snapping instructional camps in American football.

Advanced Kicking, Punting and Long Snapping Instruction

Training begins by developing these same techniques in a systematic order that matches the sequence in which the skills are executed in games. This not only promotes faster skill improvement, it also enables a much deeper retention of learning. Kickers, punters, and long snappers are provided the opportunity to train and advance as their individual skills continue to improve. Teaching "snap-to-kick" instruction is crucial to skill development and separates our program from all the others. Such an approach enables each athlete to effectively learn how to transform individual practice routines into game-day performances. More importantly, every athlete will gain a valuable learning experience through drills simulating the pace and pressure of an actual game!

Kicking, Punting and Long Snapping Camp Advantages:

  • Skill charting is done at each camp to track individual progress. By personally charting each athlete we are able to establish skill level, determine individual needs, develop a personal "plan of action," and provide guidance to setting goals as skills develop.
  • Learn flexibility drills for specific development of kicking, punting, and long snapping skills.
  • Develop "self-reliance" strategies that enable each athlete to learn to coach one self.
  • Personal attention and coaching by professional instructors for immediate skill learning and development.
  • Learn step-by-step "self-coaching" techniques that will become your own "blueprint" of practice and improvement.
  • Be individually filmed and analyzed using our innovative video-analysis system for immediate visual learning.
  • Observe and visually learn through demonstrations.
  • Practice and compete with other talented high school and collegiate athletes. Take advantage of learning by associating with others who share a common goal
  • Advanced review of individual techniques to promote faster skill improvement and deeper retention of learning.
  • Learn fundamentals in a systematic order that matches the sequence in which the skills are executed in games.
  • Learn how to develop your natural abilities into highly successful habits that translate into confidence.
  • Learn game-day preparation and team strategies
  • Develop strategies to incorporate "timing" into your practice routine. This is the "silver bullet" that transforms skill development into game-day performance.
  • Learn the secrets of "coming through in the clutch" and build a mental plan into your workout routine.
  • Learn strength training and flexibility drills for specific development of kicking, punting, and long snapping skills.
  • Skill technique video (option) for college recruitment

(Age 12 and older)

"Being prepared is the key to winning that starting position, earning a college scholarship or ultimately playing professionally. That is why our main objective with every Ray Guy Prokicker.com Kicking Camp event is to provide every participant focused "individualized" instruction allowing each athlete to develop their own "natural" style. Even though there are basic, easy to understand guidelines to follow when developing kicking, punting and snapping skills, not all athletes kick, punt or snap the same way. We help every athlete understand not only where "their skill" needs improvement but also what they are doing naturally that is already correct. This way, athletes learn at a much faster pace allowing them to accomplish our program goal of "learning how to coach themselves." - Rick Sang, Ray Guy Prokicker.com Camps Director