Ray Guy Top Prospect Camp for American Football's Best Kickers - Punters - Long Snappers - Round One - 2022

Event ID 755163
RankNameAvg. Kickoff DistanceBest Kickoff DistanceAvg. Kickoff HangtimeBest Kickoff HangtimeField Goal Accuracy
1Easton Powell 4.5⭐️K64.2568.003.73253.9070%
2Stuart Long 4.5⭐️K/3.5⭐️P61.7567.003.52753.7880%
3Spencer Conrad 5⭐️K / 4.5⭐️P59.2565.003.5153.6670%
4Vinnie Lee 4.5⭐️K/4⭐️P54.2559.003.473.5380%
5Clay Turley 4.5⭐️K5967.003.3353.8960%
6Treyton McKee 4.5⭐️K/4⭐️P5660.003.2853.5260%
7Andrew Merrell 4.5⭐️K/4⭐️P58.561.003.4853.6840%
8Bryce Taylor 4.5⭐️K/3.5⭐️P5358.003.37753.3960%
9Noah Burhoop 4⭐️P/4⭐️K5456.003.23.3160%
10Gavin Greathouse 4.5⭐️K/4⭐️P53.2555.003.2453.5060%
11J Henry Brandt 4.5⭐️K5459.003.4453.6540%
12Shane Darling 4⭐️K/4⭐️P49.2556.003.21253.2870%
13Cole Andrews 4.5⭐️K/4⭐️P53.558.003.243.3350%
14Cooper Helmke 4⭐️K52.7558.002.863.0370%
15Ian Wernik 4⭐️K55.7559.003.25753.3930%
16Shawn Haenicke-Prevost 4⭐️K/4⭐️P53.7561.002.893.0840%
17Jackson Byford 4⭐️K49.7553.002.90753.0050%
18Brandon Ferguson 3.5⭐️P/3⭐️K4652.002.98253.3320%
19Tristan Almeras 4⭐️P/3⭐️K40.2547.002.283.4140%

Note: rankings are calculated from a proprietary weighted average that combines distance, hang time, and accuracy. Prokicker.com reserves all rights to make adjustments to ensure accuracy.