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How Recruiting Services works

Committed to providing the finest on-the-field training available, thousands of camp alumni have gone on to be successful high school, college and professional players. During this time many student-athletes and their families have inquired about possibilities in college recruiting, leading to many questions about the process.

Unfortunately the answers are not always quick and easy ones — proper guidance in the recruiting process requires personal attention and a deeper understanding of each student-athlete's ambitions for college.

The recruiting process can be very complex. However, with the experience and professional guidance of Recruiting Services, each participating athlete will get the individual attention needed to answer all the questions. Most importantly, the right course of action will be planned and charted for each individual. Recruiting Services will provide experienced guidance in the recruiting process from talent evaluation, to choosing the right college, to how the NCAA works. Brad leaves no stone unturned in a customized experience for each student-athlete.


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