Scholarships and Commitments College Football Recruiting List 2018

Name Position(s) State Committed To
Brayden Adams 4.5⭐️LS Long Snapper Louisiana Louisiana at Lafayette
John Adams 4.5⭐️LSJohn Adams 4.5⭐️LS hudl video Long Snapper Georgia Georgia Military Academy
Roberto Aguirre Kicker, Punter Florida Alcorn State
Michael ArescoMichael Aresco hudl video Kicker Connecticut Merrimack College
Brock Assel 4.5⭐️LS Long Snapper Virginia Air Force
Adam Barry 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Kentucky Undecided
Masen Beck 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Indiana Undecided
Carl Blackmore Kicker, Punter Georgia Undecided
Trevor Bond 4.5⭐️K Kicker Indiana Undecided
Nicholas Brake 4.5⭐️K Kicker Kentucky Undecided
Brett Brannon Kicker, Punter Kentucky Undecided
Dillon Braunstein Long Snapper Georgia Fort Valley State
Luis Bravo 4.5⭐️K Kicker Kentucky Undecided
Dillon Bredesen Kicker Florida South Carolina State
Benjamin Butler 5⭐️LS Benjamin Butler 5⭐️LS hudl video Long Snapper Georgia Undecided
Rhys Byrns 5⭐️P Punter Louisiana- Lafayette
Brett Carson Kicker, Punter Ohio Undecided
Moises Celaya 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter New Hampshire Colby College
Nate Chaiprathum Kicker Missouri Undecided
Dozier Combs 4.5⭐️P Kicker, Punter Kentucky Undecided
Sage Costen Kicker, Punter North Carolina Berry College
Austin (AJ) Covan 5⭐️ LS Long Snapper South Carolina Limestone College
Joe Coveny Kicker, Punter Pennsylvania Undecided
Daniel Coxhead Mantell Long Snapper Kentucky Lindsey Wilson
Mitchell Crawford 5⭐️P Punter UTEP
Jacob Crumbley 4.5⭐️KJacob Crumbley 4.5⭐️K hudl video Kicker, Punter Georgia Undecided
Ryan Cunningham Kicker, Punter West Virginia Undecided
Camden Dargis 4.5⭐️K Kicker Virginia Undecided
Justin Davis Kicker, Punter Kentucky Kentucky Christian College
Mark Deaves 5⭐️P Punter Louisiana-Monroe
Max Duffy 5⭐️P Punter Kentucky
Christopher Elser 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Arkansas Undecided
John Ewell Kicker, Punter California Undecided
Mitchell Fineran 5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Georgia Samford
Martell Fontenot 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Louisiana Southern
Christopher Freibert 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Louisiana Undecided
Beaux Gaines 4.5⭐️LS Long Snapper Louisiana Undecided
Ronald Gaines III 4.5⭐️LS Long Snapper Illinois Illinois
Cliff Gandis Kicker, Punter South Carolina Undecided
Emerson Garcia 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Texas Undecided
Taylor Gebhardt 4.5⭐️P Kicker, Punter Georgia Undecided
Ivan Gilder Kicker Oregon Undecided
Jakob Gomez Kicker Texas Undecided
Ryan Gremillion Kicker, Punter Louisiana Undecided
Skylar Grissom Kicker, Punter Mississippi Undecided
Jake Haggard Punter California Pennsylvania
Caleb Hall Punter Tennessee Undecided
John "Crimmins" Hankinson III Kicker, Punter Georgia Gardner-Webb
Zachary Harding Kicker, Punter Missouri Army West Point
Jared Harjehausen 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Alaska Eastern New Mexico University
Robert Hayes 5⭐️P Kicker, Punter Illinois McKendree
Peyton HowePeyton Howe hudl video Kicker, Punter Indiana Wabash
Seren Hughes-Ford 5⭐️P Kicker, Punter Colorado Colorado
Ryan Jones Kicker, Punter Louisiana Undecided
Frederic Kane Kicker, Punter South Carolina Undecided
Dan Karrash Kicker, Punter Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Austin Kemp 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter South Carolina South Carolina State
Koby KieferKoby Kiefer hudl video Kicker, Punter West Virginia Cornell
Sam Knowlton 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Missouri University of Central Missouri
Miller Kronk Kicker Ohio Army West Point
Chanse Lanham 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Kentucky Western Kentucky
Mason Lawler Kicker, Punter Ohio Bowling Green State
Antonio Loera Kicker, Punter California Undecided
Will Malloy 5⭐️LS Long Snapper Washington Undecided
Colin Manners 4.5⭐️P Kicker, Punter Washington Central Washington University
Jordan Marker Long Snapper Wyoming Undecided
Christian McClure Kicker, Punter Louisiana Undecided
William McDaniel Kicker, Punter Texas Undecided
Mason McKey 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Louisiana Undecided
Flynn McPheron 5⭐️LS Long Snapper Washington Eastern Oregon University
Evan McPherson 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Alabama Florida
Jake Moody 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Michigan Michigan
Daniel Moore 4.5⭐️LS Long Snapper Maryland University of Virginia
Mackenzie Morgan 5⭐️P Punter Ouachita Baptist
Heath Mosley 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Mississippi Pearl River CC
Donovan Murphree 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Colorado Undecided
Evan Officer 5⭐️P Punter Tennessee Maryville College
Stephen Oscar 5⭐️P Kicker, Punter Maryland Towson
Michael Pariseau Punter California Undecided
Joseph Patterson 4.5⭐️LS Long Snapper Texas Undecided
Gabe Paznokas 5⭐️LS Long Snapper Colorado Western State Colorado University
Price Peden 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Texas Undecided
Owen Pendergast 5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Pennsylvania Ole Miss
Barret Pickering 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Alabama Nebraska
Preston Pitt 5⭐️K/P Kicker, Punter Utah Utah
Maxwell Poduska 5⭐️K Kicker Colorado Undecided
Chance Poore 5⭐️K/P Chance Poore 5⭐️K/P hudl video Kicker, Punter South Carolina Kentucky
Issac Power 5⭐️P Kicker, Punter Colorado Baylor
Keaton Prevette Long Snapper North Carolina Columbia University
William Przystup 4.5⭐️P Kicker, Punter Florida Michigan State
William "Reed" Raibley Kicker Indiana Millikin University
Fernando Ramirez 4.5⭐️K Kicker Georgia Lincoln University of Missouri
Jake Reeves 4.5⭐️K Kicker Mississippi Undecided
Alexander Saunders 4.5⭐️K Kicker Utah Undecided
Ian Sauter 5⭐️K/P Kicker, Punter Tennessee Undecided
Eric Scarpino Kicker, Punter Pennsylvania Gannon
Joseph Schinderle 4.5⭐️KJoseph Schinderle 4.5⭐️K hudl video Kicker, Punter Virginia Undecided
Andrew Schreibstein Kicker, Punter Massachusetts Undecided
Ryan Shatto Kicker, Punter West Virginia Undecided
Tripp Slyman 4.5⭐️K Kicker Alabama Undecided
Eric Stranz 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Ontario University of Guelph
Nicholas Tarabrella 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Pennsylvania Ashland
Trevor Thompson 5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Ohio Saint Francis
Michael Trafton 4.5⭐️K Kicker Arizona Undecided
Jordon Villalobos 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Missouri Undecided
Tyler Werner Kicker, Punter California Undecided
Tristan Widic 4.5⭐️K Kicker, Punter Colorado Undecided
Harrison "Ford" Williams Kicker, Punter South Carolina Undecided
Joshua Windsor Long Snapper Delaware Wesley College
Riley Woods Kicker Kentucky Undecided
Riley Woods Kicker, Punter Kentucky University of the Cumberlands
Mark Yancey Long Snapper Georgia Undecided
Slater Zellers 4.5⭐️LS Long Snapper Arizona Cal Berkeley
Joseph Zepp 4.5⭐️P Kicker, Punter Arizona Arizona State

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