Kickers Rankings
2025 Middle School Class

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RankNameAvg. Kickoff DistanceBest Kickoff DistanceAvg. Kickoff HangtimeBest Kickoff HangtimeField Goal Accuracy
1Cam Lytle4851.003.51253.7180%
2Dakota Brower46.7549.002.592.6990%
3Kaden Nicastro41.7549.002.933.2690%
4Mason Walters39.540.002.82752.9090%
5Ty Powell3843.003.033.1580%
6Gavin Chapa3739.002.59752.7080%
7Bryan Lynn38.2542.002.5652.9070%
8Emir Martinez39.7543.002.63252.7660%
9Isaac Yancey37.539.002.2752.5680%
10August, aka "Gus" Ehlers35.2537.002.29252.4680%
11Nathan Napier34.539.002.542.7060%
12Noah Piper 3⭐️K36.2542.002.7752.8840%
13Caleb Campbell32.541.002.582.7660%
14Cole Andrews32.541.002.6552.8850%
15Benjamin Brenda2833.002.382.5780%
16Victor Kyatt35.538.002.42252.4640%
17Logan Ford3333.002.3752.5650%
18Dylan Fassino35.2536.002.29252.4640%
19Hayden Poeppelman3535.002.262.4640%
20Jonathan Hewitt31.7534.002.34252.4450%
21Miguel Menendez33.535.002.30252.3340%
22Logan Bizzle 28.530.002.2352.5960%
23Alex Stene30.532.002.23752.4640%
24Marquise Schanzenbaker28.532.002.522.8130%
25Everett Mandeville27.7532.002.12252.2750%

Academy Records

Best Kickoff Distance :
73.00 | Colt Williamson | (2005)
Best Kickoff Hangtime :
4.16 | Landon Ruiz Diaz 4??P | (2013)
Best Field Goal Distance:
52.00 | Lance Butler | (2012)

Note: rankings are calculated from a proprietary weighted average that combines distance, hang time, and accuracy. reserves all rights to make adjustments to ensure accuracy.