Long Snappers

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RankNameAvg. Snap TimeBest Snap TimeAccuracy Points
1Austin (AJ) Covan 5⭐️ LS0.790.7526
2Flynn McPheron 5⭐️LS0.810.7525
3Will Malloy 5⭐️LS0.760.7222
4Benjamin Butler 5⭐️LS0.740.7021
5Gabe Paznokas 5⭐️LS0.850.8123
6John Adams 4.5⭐️LS0.820.7821
7Brayden Adams 4.5⭐️LS0.790.7518
8Ronald Gaines III 4.5⭐️LS0.740.7116
9Brock Assel 4.5⭐️LS0.800.7318
10Slater Zellers 4.5⭐️LS0.930.8722
11Beaux Gaines 4.5⭐️LS0.770.7017
12Daniel Moore 4.5⭐️LS0.810.7518
13Daniel Moreland0.930.8821
14Joseph Patterson 4.5⭐️LS0.910.8320
15Mark Yancey0.850.7618
16Andrew Miles0.930.8820
17Daniel Baker0.900.8219
18Jordan Marker0.880.7518
19Michael Devine0.850.8117
20Keaton Prevette0.860.7817
21Daniel Coxhead Mantell0.760.7013
22Tanner Gentry0.850.8116
23Bill Roper III 0.920.8318
24Nick Adkins0.760.7313
25Lou Cocozza1.010.9420

Note: rankings are calculated from a proprietary weighted average that combines distance, hang time, and accuracy. Prokicker.com reserves all rights to make adjustments to ensure accuracy.