Long Snappers

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RankNameAvg. Snap TimeBest Snap TimeAccuracy Points
1Jack Creely0.780.7525
2Hundley McCurry0.720.6422
3Turner Bernard0.820.7824
4Ben Hoffman0.720.6819
5Will Cruikshank0.770.7221
6Andrew Zink0.780.7320
7Nelson Arent0.870.8123
8Ty Eldridge0.830.8121
9Gabe Skrobot0.870.8122
10Matthew Whetstone0.880.8422
11Brandon Pada0.820.7220
12Harrison Freeman0.860.8321
13Cameron Conrad0.810.7719
14Ryan Wilson0.840.7920
15Andrew Keim0.860.8120
16Kyle Cooper0.880.8120
17Mario McIntyre0.790.7517
18Brandon Thoms0.820.7518
19Mike MacLean0.820.7618
20Shane O'Connell0.800.7417
21Matthew Purvis0.830.7618
22Tanner Sineath0.830.7118
23Alex King0.900.8720
24Corey Miracle0.840.7918
25Brendan Hunter0.810.7517

Note: rankings are calculated from a proprietary weighted average that combines distance, hang time, and accuracy. Prokicker.com reserves all rights to make adjustments to ensure accuracy.