Long Snappers

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RankNameAvg. Snap TimeBest Snap TimeAccuracy Points
1Nick Yokas 4.5⭐️LS0.900.8723
2Tom O'Keefe 4.5⭐️LS0.830.7819
3Timothy Sellars 4.5⭐️LS0.850.8018
4Ethan Fisher 4.5⭐️LS0.820.7717
5Clay Perry 4.5⭐️LS0.800.7516
6Alexander Peitsch0.970.9420
7Timothy McNally 4.5⭐️LS0.940.8919
8Justin Falgoust 4⭐️LS0.950.9018
9Manuel Hillman 4⭐️LS0.910.8117
10John Bergeron1.010.9319
11Logan Johnson0.980.9317
12Jake Gragg0.960.8816
13Christopher Rea0.960.8715
14Toby Strawderman0.920.8914
15Anthony Minella0.910.8813
16Garrett Griffin0.810.7610
17Ty Barker0.950.8514
18Peyton Cowart1.050.9416
19Joe McCabe0.890.8212
20Clayton Stancil0.950.8713
21Brandon Shearer0.960.8812
22Jonathan Duff0.960.9411
23Jacob Gardey0.960.899
24Riley Welsh1.171.0613
25Patrick Rourke1.091.0011

Note: rankings are calculated from a proprietary weighted average that combines distance, hang time, and accuracy. Prokicker.com reserves all rights to make adjustments to ensure accuracy.