All High School Grade Levels

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Kick-Off Specialists

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RankNameAvg. Kickoff DistanceBest Kickoff DistanceAvg. Kickoff HangtimeBest Kickoff Hangtime
1Patrick Nations 5⭐️K67.5075.003.833.88
2Matthew Eich 5⭐️K67.7573.003.673.87
3Brady Zarschler 5⭐️K64.7566.003.794.01
4Andrew Weil 4.5⭐️K63.5069.003.884.15
5Jack Breedlove 5⭐️K63.5067.003.753.88
6Wesley Knott 4.5⭐️K61.5064.003.813.90
7Spencer Mochulski66.2569.003.363.50
8Nathan Hazlett 5⭐️K64.2568.003.533.70
9Harlin Brown 4.5⭐️K63.2569.003.583.62
10Bryce Peters 4.5⭐️K62.2568.003.664.02
11Trey Schlink 4.5⭐️K63.2569.003.543.59
12Grant Ennis 5⭐️K65.0066.003.373.65
13Drew Chilcoat 5⭐️K/P61.5064.003.693.75
14Reed Twidwell 4.5⭐️K64.5067.003.333.62
14Zeke Rankin 5⭐️P / 4.75⭐️K60.5062.003.713.77
16Anthony Lucero 4.75⭐️K64.2566.003.343.40
17James Williams 4.75⭐️K/P61.0064.003.623.85
18Fabrizio Pinton 5⭐️K63.5071.003.383.46
19Peyton Bush 5⭐️K63.0065.003.433.59
20Ethan Robertson 4.5⭐️K62.0071.003.523.64
21Ryan Lowry 4.5⭐️K63.7565.003.353.58
22Filip Svoboda 4.5⭐️K62.0071.003.503.78
23Nicholas Van Zandt 4.5⭐️K61.5066.003.543.77
24Barron Williams 4.5⭐️K59.5067.003.693.96
25Matt Jaco 4.5⭐️K63.0065.003.343.40

Note: rankings are calculated from a proprietary weighted average that combines distance, hang time, and accuracy. reserves all rights to make adjustments to ensure accuracy.