All High School Grade Levels

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RankNameAvg. DistanceBest DistanceAvg. HangtimeBest Hangtime
1Peyton Todd 5⭐️P47.1354.004.314.76
2Zeke Rankin 5⭐️P / 4.75⭐️K45.7551.004.144.26
3Zach Ramay 5⭐️P48.3357.003.844.93
4Drew Chilcoat 5⭐️K/P42.0047.004.134.40
5Kevin Jones 5⭐️ P45.4354.003.924.33
6Charlie Paciocco 5⭐️P / 4.5⭐️K39.2948.004.254.58
7Jose Deharo 5⭐️P/4.5⭐️K40.1450.004.154.46
8Houston Heck 5⭐️P41.2947.004.054.30
9Patrick Nations 5⭐️K37.7549.004.214.65
10Jackson Foster 5⭐️P44.5651.003.784.22
11Parker Lee 5⭐️P38.0043.004.094.50
12Robert ("Dima") Daley 4.75⭐️P46.4354.003.624.03
13Ryan Lowry 4.5⭐️K41.0047.003.884.25
14Peyton Bush 5⭐️K44.0052.003.694.20
15Kelly McAlister 4.5⭐️P41.8654.003.793.99
16Hunter Hall 4.5⭐️P38.8646.003.954.38
17Sean Ralls 4.5⭐️K / 4.5⭐️P40.0045.003.874.32
18Evan McGuire 4.5⭐️K/ 4.5⭐️P33.1440.004.234.65
19Josh Mortenson 4.5⭐️P42.7152.003.703.94
20Bennett Ellis 4.5⭐️P38.0044.003.914.14
21Isaiah Hankins 4.5⭐️P36.7149.003.954.28
22Ryan Duff 4.5⭐️P35.8642.003.994.68
23Michael Hanson 4.5⭐️P34.8643.004.034.44
24Anthony Lucero 4.75⭐️K39.5746.003.774.16
25Brock Pellegrino 4.5⭐️P40.5747.003.714.01

Note: rankings are calculated from a proprietary weighted average that combines distance, hang time, and accuracy. reserves all rights to make adjustments to ensure accuracy.