All High School Grade Levels

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Long Snappers

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RankNameAvg. Snap TimeBest Snap TimeAccuracy Points
1Andrew Kros 5⭐️LS0.780.7223
2Henry Hamlin 5⭐️LS0.800.7523
3George Shannon 5⭐️LS0.790.7622
4Andre' Callais Jr 4.5⭐️LS0.770.7519
5Stone Meyers 4.5⭐️LS0.850.7821
6Bryson Love 4.5⭐️LS0.890.8221
7Mason Durning 4.5⭐️LS0.860.8118
8Zach Turk 4⭐️LS0.930.9019
9Craig Roth 4⭐️LS0.860.7516
10Beau Loisel 4⭐️LS0.840.8115
11Clay Lamb 4⭐️LS0.930.9017
12Dane Sorensen 4⭐️LS0.910.8716
13CJ Schuster 4⭐️LS0.890.8115
14Aiden Thiaville 4⭐️LS0.970.8917
15Brice Stringfellow 4⭐️LS1.080.9619
16Lane Cranford 4⭐️LS0.880.7713
17Austin Viall 4⭐️LS0.980.9415
18Bennett Hobbs 4⭐️LS0.930.8413
19Cooper Ford 3.5⭐️LS1.010.9413
20Kolbyn Price 3.5⭐️LS1.111.0714
21Donald Bissant 3.5⭐️LS1.050.8111
22Hank Gnadinger 3⭐️LS1.131.0712
23Jack Brown1.391.1815
24Colby Laughman0.980.887
25Zachary Hirshon1.151.0610
26Joshua Tarver1.110.899
27Kaden Mckeown 0.980.836
28Carson Weed1.421.2713
29Aaron Sweatt 1.030.937
30Joseph Peabody1.030.947
31Kaden Klooster 1.040.967
32Collier Mangum1.050.886
33Perrin Barreca0.900.902
34Bobby Dunn1.191.018
35Maurice Sutton1.171.067
36Gordon Reese1.130.976
37Perrin Duhe0.960.961
38Henry Shannon1.241.155
39Joel Vaughn1.071.071
40Jack Mathews1.360.995
41Parker Lee1.571.277
42Canan Smith1.251.183
43Lukas Richardson1.141.141
44Gabe Osborne1.251.252
45Matthew Bailey1.201.201
46Deuce Vance1.331.332
47Jack Ulman1.421.262

Note: rankings are calculated from a proprietary weighted average that combines distance, hang time, and accuracy. reserves all rights to make adjustments to ensure accuracy.